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The game in the Champions League between Jürgen Klopps FC Liverpool and Atlético Madrid is said to have been a source of infection for the corona virus. According to a study, several dozen deaths are said to be due to the game.

Strangers meet in Strasbourg for an illegal football game. 400 people crowd around the sports field without protective masks. The vice-mayor announces the consequences, France’s ex-national coach Domenech cannot understand the excitement.

illegal soccer game is making waves in the country of the soccer world champions. Despite the current ban on gathering for more than ten people in Strasbourg, strangers organized a game between two neighborhoods.

Several Internet videos show how more than 400 people without protective masks huddled close together around the sports field in Strasbourg last weekend. The operator of the sports field was not informed in advance according to its own information.

The game originally started as an initiative by friends that got out of control after being shared on social networks. “We just wanted to play soccer and it became a viral bomb,” a participant in the illegal game was quoted by Radio Monte Carlo as saying.

The police in the city in northeastern France tried to break up the meeting.

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