Mission Statement

Our Mission:

Play at the best casino with us on free wheel of fortune game. Bonus for the first 100 people! To preserve the historic treasure known as Normandie Golf Course for residents of Bel-Nor and Greendale, for the citizens of the St. Louis metropolitan area, and for the citizens of the State of Missouri, for this generation, and for the generations of the future.

Normandie Golf Course as an Aesthetic Charm:

A trip down Normandy Drive exposes the traveler to a wide expansive green space, with deep valleys funneling into natural creeks and lakes, and deep green rolling hills cascading through hundreds of trees as far as the eye can see. This captivating view is what is experienced daily by thousands of motorists passing the historic treasure we know as Normandie Golf Course.

The Golf Course:

Normandie Golf Course is a first rate golf course that has hosted several tournaments including the Missouri State Amateur Tournament. Long Par 5’s, difficult Par 3’s including one of the longest in the area, and a lake hole that dares the golfer to go for it on the second shot, are always a challenge to the thousands of golfers who have enjoyed a day on this historic course. And while many of the newer modern golf courses have terrains requiring a golf cart to navigate, Normandie Golf course was designed for, and can still be negotiated by, the “walking” golfer.

Historical Highlights:

Golfers have been enjoying Normandie Golf Course day in and day out since the very early 1900’s. Such notables as W.C. Fields, Bob Hope, and the St. Louis Gas House Gang, have all graced the hills of Normandie Golf Course.

Normandie Golf Course is an Asset to the Community:

Normandie Golf Course is a public course that can be enjoyed by everyone in the community. But more importantly, Normandie Golf Course is an aesthetic treasure, which draws people to want to live and remain in the area.

Normandie Golf Course is an Asset to the Metropolitan Area:

Normandie Golf Course, with its rolling hills and trees as old as the 100-year old course itself, is one of the few large green space areas we have left in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. And this historic first-rate course, open to the public, can be used as a drawing card for those wishing to visit the St. Louis area or attend one of the universities in the area.


For an ownership group to be established that would preserve the historic treasure under its control. To renew the partnership between the village of Bel-Nor and the surrounding neighborhood so as to make the area an attractive place to live in and to visit. To be a witness to improvements of facilities at the course as well as improvements of marketing efforts, so as to increase interest in visiting the little known treasure taken for granted for so many years, known to us all as Normandie Golf Course.